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Abstract Pictures 

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Abstract Digital Pictures

John Neville Cohen

Fine Large Exhibition Quality Pictures, Limited to Editions of Just 8.

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25 Stained Glass, by John N. Cohen

Picture 025
Stained Glass

26 Yellow Summer, by John N. Cohen

Picture 026
Yellow Summer

27 Fountain, by John N. Cohen

Picture 027

28 Flight, by John N. Cohen

Picture 28

29 Music, by John N. Cohen

Picture 029

30 Shake, by John N. Cohen

Picture 030

31 Spin, by John N. Cohen

Picture 031

32 Biological Large limited edition prints by John N. Cohen

Picture 032

33 Blend, by John N. Cohen

Picture 033

34 Communication, by John N. Cohen

Picture 034

35 Foil, by John Neville Cohen

Picture 35

36 Conception, by John N. Cohen

Picture 036

38 Abstract Yellow, by John N. Cohen

Picture 038
Abstract Yellow

39 Abstract Blue, by John N. Cohen

Picture 039

Abstract Blue 2



These new abstract studies, all began with a photograph (often a close up).  John then created these pictures with digital tools (provided by Photoshop).  

I try to create Contemporary Pictures that do more than surprise - that inspire!”   John Neville Cohen

Limited Edition Prints - limited to just 8 of each, regardless of the size.

Choose any size up to 59 inches, or 150cm longest side (150 x 107cm approx.)

Mounted on Aluminum under a 6mm Acrylic glass.

No frame is required and the limited edition print appears to float off the wall.

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Important New Colour Possibilities for Art Consultants and Interior Designers

Note: there are different colour versions of each picture shown.  But other colour versions, as required by designers, can also be provided.

Publishers, Distributors, Galleries, or Agents are invited to contact John Neville Cohen, also to buy direct please email John indicating the picture you like (number and name, size required, plus the delivery location) for the delivered price without any obligation.  

John can also be found at: - 






Fine Art America



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These new digital pictures are offered for sale as Limited Edition Pictures - only 8 of each will be sold (They should all be treated as watercolour paintings and not displayed in direct sun light, but these pictures do have a very long colour life). 

Any picture purchased, is sold on the clear understanding, that if it is not right for the purchaser (for whatever reason) a full refund will be made on the safe return in perfect condition (within two weeks of the delivery).  

Only the return cost of the delivery and insurance is not included.  
Note: The picture is only to be returned in the original special packaging (using all of the protective materials) securely wrapped and packaged.  Also this right is restricted to 2 individual works per buyer per year.

Please read the terms of purchase before any order.



All images and text, within this site, are copyright and may not be copied, other than for personal reference, without written permission from John Neville Cohen.  

John Neville Cohen

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